Queen Liliuokalani in June 1900

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"Aloha to all of you: I did not think that you, the lahui, were still remembering me, since ten years has passed since I became a Mother for you, the lahui, and now the United States sits in power over me and over you, my dear nation. What has befallen you is very painful to me but it could not be prevented. My mind has been opened (hoohamama ia) because of what the United States has now given to the lahui Hawaii. Here is what I advise - that the people should look to the nation's leaders, Mr Kaulia and Mr Kalauokalani. A great responsibility has fallen upon them to look out for the welfare of the lahui in accordance with the laws that the United States has handed down, to ensure that the people will receive rights and benefits for our and future generations, and I will also derive that one benefit [ie, the welfare of the people]. We have no other direction left, except this unrestricted right [to vote], given by the United States to you the people. Grasp it and hold on to it; it is up to you to make things right for all of us in the future."

Translation by Noenoe Silva from I Ku Mau Mau: 


June 9, 1900 Ke Aloha Aina newspaper (super interesting read):