Mauna Kea Pili Me Ka Pana Aloha

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Calling upon all to unite together with your drums, prayers, songs, chants, and/or dances of aloha, peace, protection and unity from your mountain or sacred place of Mauna Kea.

Calling upon all hālau hula to join together with your pau, oli, and hula from your what para. Auʻa ʻia is one of the hula pau being done.

If youʻre on Hawaiʻi Island, bring your pau and ʻōlapa to Puʻuhuluhulu. Our goal is to have 100 pau or more as well as several hundred ʻōlapa here at the base of Mauna Ka and 1,000 or more drums connecting from around the world.

If participating, please send a photo of self/group identifying your place to to be posted online.