Lā 571: E ko aloha ʻāina - Tomorrow in Hilo!

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E ko aloha ʻāina - Tomorrow in Hilo!

We will be heading into our sixth pre-hearing conference in the TMT Contested Case. If you can be there, please support. This will most likely be the last pre-hearing conference before the Contested Case Hearing on Tuesday - despite many, many requests for rescheduling. Eō kiaʻi ʻo Hawaii Nei - please stand wherever you are, and continue to send prayers. We need you by our side. We're still in this, and we're giving it all we got. Kū Kiaʻi Mauna! #tmtshutdown #protectmaunakea #kūkiaʻimauna #alohaʻāina

Source Mehana Kihoi