Lā 323: "Empress and Japanese top scientists are supporting protector..."

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"Update and Good news from Japan. Today, I met Japanese empress Michiko and her Good friend Uta Kodaira Sehumpp at opening ceremony of college woman's association of Japan 60th Print Show. Uta is aka Mother of Subaru Telescope. We had good talk about what's happening at MaunaKea. Uta told me that empress is aware of what's happening also. They both think TMT is way too big and distraction of Hawaiian sacred site. Uta's husband Dr Kodaira is top scientist of the world and who build Subaru Telescope. Uta's inside scoop was "there is not enough money coming in to the project and multiple nation investments are not really succeeding at this point. Longer its get, more difficult the project. It may not happen" Empress and Japanese top scientists are supporting protector she said to me. We had dinner after the party and talk about it again.  

I wasn't expected meet them today but god bless us it was happen. 

I also meet many Shinto priests and Buddhist Monks at Sacred Hakusan ( Mauna Kea) white mountain of Japan when I went to pilgrimage for Hakusan Kukurihime Goddess. Had chance to talk about what's going on at Sacred MaunaKea and ask for spiritual Kokua. They may come visit Hawaii for the ceremony if enough money was funded. I'll back in Japan 12/20.

Much Aloha

The Shinto priests visited the Mauna several weeks ago. Many thanks to Koko for this contact!!

Source Nanci Munroe  via Koko Kawauchi Johnson