Lā 286: Many of us have experienced a spiritual awakening....a calling to Mauna Kea.

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Many of us have experienced a spiritual awakening....a calling to Mauna Kea. Whether we've actually stepped foot on the soil of the mauna, had dreams of being there, or simply read about it - I believe that we all know of and feel her mana. She has connected us in one form or another, I like to call it divine appointment. Everything happens for a reason and although we may not always understand 'why' or 'how', what's meant to be will be.

Prior to the movement, I had no concept of what Mauna Kea was – how special the mauna was – the power that it possessed – or why my people considered it to be sacred. The day of my arrest on the mauna, was only the second time that I had stepped foot on the soil there. Called in a dream, I was lead there 2 months prior to the day of my arrest. On that evening in April, as I flew over to moku o Keawe and stepped foot on the mauna – I was instantly overcome by the mana of the ʻāina in that higher realm. A realm so close to the heavens, it was undeniably a sacred place.

April 16th was the day of my spiritual awakening, my arrest on June 24th was just the beginning of this journey that I’m on. This journey is like a puzzle and as I am being called, I have been picking up pieces to the puzzle one by one. I’m excited for what the future holds, when I have finally gathered all of the pieces and can see the big picture clearly! As I follow my calling and continue on the path that I’m being led on, I will embrace and absorb the aloha and mana from those that I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with and the friendships that have been formed. I am forever grateful for this experience and for all of YOU that have been so supportive and have shown the true meaning of the ‘Aloha Spirit’! Mahalo nunui to ALL OF YOU!!

I will continue to stand as an ʻāina kia’i, until my last breath!

Source Lori Halemano