Lā 237: Governor Ige will ensure safe access to summit of Mauna Kea

November 17, 2015

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HONOLULU — Governor David Ige today released the following statement about the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) team’s plan to repair equipment already on Mauna Kea and re-secure the site this month:

“The maintenance and equipment repair work TMT plans to undertake will protect the environment and enhance public safety as we head into the winter season. This is not the start of construction on the telescope.

“As governor, I am committed to upholding the law and providing safe access for those who need to get to the summit of Mauna Kea, and that includes those involved with the TMT project. Our primary concern is for the safety of all.

“If this work is stopped, it is not a victory. It will harm the environment. If there is violence, as some have suggested, that is not a victory. We are one community, and we must continue to search for a resolution that will keep this community together.”

Media Contacts:

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Cindy McMillan

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They are the first to claim any violence, not any of us.
And if they are truly sincere about public safty, then why Break out agreement to discuss public saftey?
To be open and transparent between us?
Governor Ige your statements and actions are truly shameful and the way you and your administration have conducted yourselves with the people you are Supposed to serve is disgustingly WITHOUT HONOR!
If this is your true intentions then why not continue diolog? Why wait till the eve to put out these words without discussing with the protectors prior?
Creating more conflict and mis-trust!
Shameful cowards only looking to flex muscle and unleash Brut force upon the people of love and respect the earth and who hold sacred above $!
Dont give us lies as if you care about the "environment" all of a sudden, if you did you would REMOVE the machines that contaminant the environment in the first place!
E Na Kia'i Aloha! E Na Kia'i o ka 'Oia'i'o! E Na Kia'i Ola! E na Kia'i Mauna!