Lā 225: Appeared in court today...

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Appeared in court today in Waimea prepared for trial. Upon being called to the stand, the prosecutor read me my charges and the judge asked if I understood the nature of the charge to which I replied, "ʻAe." The judge asked me if ʻae meant yes, again, I replied "ʻAe", this time while nodding. We went through this sequence and exchange a few times. Finally the judge informed me that if I want an interpreter that I should have filed a motion for one and that we cannot proceed unless I speak a language she can understand. This time I replied in English and reminded her that I have appeared in "her" courtroom at least 4 times and have been consistent in my use of language each time and that if she needs an interpreter to effectively communicate with me that she has had more than enough time to find one. I also expressed that I would be willing to allow her the time to find someone who could assist her in effectively communicating with me. We went back and forth for a little while, some in Hawaiian and some in English. She urged me to request an interpreter again and again, I refused. We exchanged arguments a little more and in the end, the decided that she would continue the case until 1/7/16 so that she can find an interpreter for herself.
Uncle Ronald Fujiyoshi was found guilty today and sentenced to 5 days in jail (one alresdy served from arrest) and 6 months probation, prohibiting him from the Mauna Kea access road during that time.

Aunty Leilani was also found guilty and
sentenced to 100 hours of community service.

Source Kahoʻikahi Kanuha

Photo Darren Miller