Haleakala Prayer vigil starting on Tuesday October 27 at 6:00 PM on the summit of Haleakala. All who come in kapu aloha are welcome to join in this vigil that will go for at least 2-3 days straight.

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Chants, Songs and Prayers will be performed every hour on the hour. The prayers are focused on protection of all our sacred sites, unification of our people and a cleansing of the desecration on our Earth. There will be talk story strategy sessions in between prayers on what we should do to move forward. 

Please let me know if you know of anyone for sure coming so we can plan logistics. 

Lawful Hawaiian Government contacted the Park Rangers and they promised to cone an area off for us in parking lot where we will set up kitchen and sleeping tent. The ranger check station will wave all cars through that are part of the vigil just like they did last year when we did a vigil in the same spot. We will park and eat in parking lot next to summit and conduct ceremonies on the summit and some next to nearby ahu.

We are putting a call out to bring a pohaku if you feel the calling to connect your aina and your mana to an ahu on the mountain. This ahu will be a calling to unify the mana of everyone to protect our mauna from desecration and to stop the wrong that is happening on Haleakala at this time. Please pray and ask before you bring a pohaku. This process will be guided by prayer and wisdom of our kupuna.
Bring ai pono if you can or just come to learn Queens Prayer, Hawaii Pono i all 3 verses, Hawaii Aloha all 3 verses and other prayers that will be done every hour on the hour.

Bring Pu (Conch Shell or Bamboo Pu) if you have to kani every hour.
Bring ohe hano ihu if you have to kani as well.
Bring warm clothes, cot and/or sleeping bag, water and healthy snacks

Source Paulo Burns

Photo Noe Tanigawa