Protecting Mauna Kea: History for Haoles

San Deigo Free Press Grassroots News & Progressive Views  APRIL 29, 2015 BY WILL FALK

In the first essay of my Protecting Mauna Kea series, I made a mistake. I wrongfully described the ongoing, illegal American occupation of Hawai’i as...

Mauna Kea War Crimes Complaint Filed In Canada  May 14, 2015

OTTAWA, CANADA – A war crimes complaint was filed on Wednesday in Canada in connection with the planned Thirty Meter Telescope project on Mauna Kea.
The Hawaiian Kingdom blog reported that...

He Kapu Aloha

He Kapu AlohaA blog about Hawaiian ideas throughout moana-nui-akea
Manulani Aluli Meyer Blog #2: May, 2015

Ku kia’i mauna! Stand firm and protect Mauna Kea! Here is the external expression of our cultural knowing. This kia’i (guardian) role has...

Sparks fly at hearing for TMT protesters

By JOHN BURNETT Hawaii Tribune-Herald
WAIMEA — It was round two in court Thursday for Thirty Meter Telescope protesters arrested April 2 on Mauna Kea. But unlike the earlier court proceedings last month in Hilo, numerous defendants came out...