Request that Governor Ige determine the need for a Supplemental EIS for TMT Project

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Lā 500: Gratitude to Poliʻahu for bringing a gentle rain of confirmation as we stood in the circle together and to our mauna, thank you profoundly from our hearts for the lessons, the experiences, WE ARE MAUNA KEA!

Mahalo everyone for posting Lā: 500 photos.

 It was simply magical to be on Mauna Kea, stand in the crosswalk and express our aloha for our mauna and each other. mahalo to the crew of VICE from Canada for documenting but also becoming part...

Multiple motions filed in TMT case

Aug 5, 2016

By TOM CALLIS Hawaii Tribune-Herald

HILO — Participants in the Thirty Meter Telescope contested case have filed a flurry of motions ahead of today’s meeting in Hilo, from declaring Mauna Kea sacred to ongoing challenges to Riki May...