Lā 201: The following solidarity statement from Mauna Kea Anaina Hou will be read on behalf of Mauna Kea and Kanaka Maoli.

Mauna Kea Statement in Paris, France 12 October 2015 (Indigenous Peoples Day)

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Aloha, to our indigenous brothers and sisters and to all protectors of the world who stand for Papahanaumotu, our beloved Mother Earth. It is a true honor to be in solidarity with you in calling for the inclusion of Indigenous Peoples in the COP21. The indigenous voice is critical to these discussions because we represent those who are first and most affected by climate change, and our cultures are the oldest in human history.
I am speaking on behalf of Mauna Kea the great and sacred Mountain of Hawai'i that stands at 14,000 feet and is the highest mountain in the world when measured from its base at the ocean floor. In Hawaiian tradition, it is home of the Creator, of gods and goddesses, and it is the older sibling to the Hawaiian people. It is the burial ground of our most sacred ancestors and the location of the primary fresh water Aquifer for the island of Hawai'i. The plants and animals that thrive there, like the thousand year old native trees, help to regulate the weather patterns that guide the rain and mists that replenish our waters and secure our survival. Encoded in Mauna Kea, in all sacred lands, is the Aloha of our Creator and this knowledge of how to heal ourselves and the Earth.
We of Mauna Kea have fought for over 30 years to protect it from the modern version of Empire— the astronomy industry, which has overdeveloped the summit in its haste to dominate the heavens. And as Astronomy eats away at Mauna Kea, the military bombs the lower flanks of this mountain, destroying thousand-year old trees and the very landscape needed to restore the health and balance of our Earth.
Mauna Kea is our most sacred site and like most sacred places it is where the most rare and critical biodiversity thrive. We, like the mountain, embody this knowledge and sacredness because we are the Indigenous People, and we, like all Indigenous Peoples, hold these sacred truths for all the peoples of the world.
There is an ancient Hawaiian proverb that says, “He Ali'i ka 'Aina, He Kauwa Kanaka.” It means the Land is a chief and people are its servant—The Earth can live without humans, but humans cannot live without Earth.
We pray this day-- may all things righteous be fulfilled!
In Aloha we remain,
Ms. Kealoha Pisciotta, President of Mauna Kea Anaina Hou
Contact: keomaivg@gmail.com
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Contact: Kealoha Pisciotta, President of Mauna Kea Anaina Hou
October 12, 2015, Paris, France Anti-Columbus Day Demonstration, featuring Dennis Banks (AIM), Heather Milton Lightening (Native Youth Movement, Canada), Florencine Edouard, (“French” Guyana) and other Indigenous Activists.