Lā 169: "As we were heading down, I saw Wally Ishibashi and a few other OMKM workers and rangers. They were smiling as we were being arrested."

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La 169: Ever since our arrest on the mauna early Wednesday morning 9/9/15, i've been re-watching all the videos and reflecting on what happened from our point of view being that the state and mainstream media tend to manipulate truth. Here is what happened, step by step.
At 1:00am, DLNR and OMKM came up to the mauna in about 10 or so vehicles. I started my livestream while they were parking by our cars. We have been in pule all night and as they were approaching, we continued our pule for the mauna. 7 of us wahine held hands in a circle in front of Hale Kukia'imauna. 

As they approached, they shined their flashlights at us and continued to look around, in the tent, behind the tent, in the hale and around it too. As they were doing so I heard Lino say "Where's the rest of them? This isn't all of them. We gotta wait for the rest of them to come up." They were pinpointing their arrest but were surprised to only find wahine in prayer in front of the hale. They were looking for the boys.They did not give us any warnings or citations. It was straight arrests. 

As they were pulling us apart one by one, a female officer told me to put my hands behind my back. There was no warning so I asked the officer why I was being arrested, she told me it was because I was in a restricted area. I then passed my livestream to Ruth to continue documenting. DLRN officers climbed the hale to get Bronson. They were telling him to not resist before they even touched him. As they got to him, one of the officers had his arm around his neck, telling him to put his hands behind his back. 

I got pulled on the side as well as the rest of the wahine to go down into the patty wagon. As we were heading down, I saw Wally Ishibashi and a few other OMKM workers and rangers. They were smiling as we were being arrested. 

Proof that they were targeting us even more. Don't know why they were smiling though, they got all their stuff wrong anyway. As we were waiting outside of the patty wagon, I was watching the rest of our wahine and Bronson being escorted to the patty wagon. One of the officers told us to turn around and face the other way. 

They asked us if we needed anything from our vehicles before getting in. We all got in and they took us down to the Hilo Police Station. The mana of the wahine on the mauna makes a powerful statement. DLNR and OMKM came up at 1am and left at 3am. The emergency rules states that the 1 mile area is restricted between 10pm - 4am. So why only come up for a certain time period? A tour van came up at 3:30am as well. Jojo got footage of them and asked if they were aware of the restricted times, the tour guide said yes. So why DLNR are you only arresting us kia'i on the mauna and not tourist or companies? 

Selective prosecution & racism at its finest. Arresting your own people. Pehea la? On top of that, there have been hundreds of tourist and tour companies coming up during the restricted area ever since the emergency rules have been passed by Ige. Our kia'i have been documenting it ALL.

Source Kuʻuipo Freitas