Lā 168: Hina on the mauna tonight. Lifting the mauna in pule and arrested for practicing our religion. No option for citations. We will never surrender. Ku kia'i mauna!!

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Lā 167: DLNR came up at 1:00am and arrested us 8 while in pule. 7 wahine, 1 kāne. Hāwane Rios Ruth Aloua Leina'ala Sleightholm Puanani Ikeda Brons Keola Kobayashi Aunty Pua'ala and Aunty Lehua and me. They did not give us any warnings or citations. They just took us all. We are currently heading down to the Hilo Police Station. It's 1:33am. Shame on you DLNR. I was livestreaming but everything happened so quickly. We barely have any documentation from our point of view. I took a few live streams, and some of the other wahine got some clips.

Source Kuʻuipo Freitas