"I am not sure when our stand for MAUNA KEA became a run for Na'i Aupuni. Or a political platform for anything other than the good of our Kupuna buried in the sacred ground and the sacred 'Aina of our Akua"

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Aloha Mauna Kea 'Ohana, 

I have been distressed of late as I have been watching and listening to all of the dialogues and talk...I am not sure when our stand for MAUNA KEA became a run for Na'i Aupuni. Or a political platform for anything other than the good of our Kupuna buried in the sacred ground and the sacred 'Aina of our Akua. My concern is not the dialogue, because I support true dialogue about our freedom for sure--only one requirement, that is hopefully, we can respect each other enough to have such dialog in the spirit of Ho'opapa--with respect and decorum.
It is this kind of dialog that is needed for us to build upon the great foundation of our Kupuna to make our nation strong, diverse and cutting edge. What concerns me however, is that we not fall trap to the old slight of hand tricks. 

Mauna Kea is the great Unifier and I have personally answered the call with many others more then once -- as the Mauna sent out a call to the many times in the past. This last period I believe the strongest yet, as it included our Lahui young, old and everyone in between this time. Because I have had personally answered the kahea before I believe I can testify to the truth of this last kahea. It was true and originated from a very deep and profound place of Aloha--resonated not only across Hawai'i but across the world!!! I know this, because people from around the world have joined us in this call to defend Papahanaumotu (Earth Mother). This therefore is a spiritual and sacred call--because it is made by the Akua not by a legislature of Politicians. 

Briefly about that legislature of man--I don't support the Na'i Aupuni simply because I can't support anything that divides our people -- I do believe debates from all sides regarding our self determination do need to happen (actually I believe we need to have really good, solid, healthy debate). I also believe that in no way should we feel rushed to do so- it is our self-determination (operative word if Self--us) and the colonizer has no business trying to rush us into a model or to choose a special form of sovereignty that really is just the lesser of the two evils they created for us-that is the definition of colonization. More egregious however, is the "status quo" trying to rush us to give up our rights-OUR rights, all because it is best for them--not for us but best for them--that is how they stay in power.

This is all just my opinion and mahalo for hearing me out--

But I would like to return to the sacred. The God Kane ascended the Mauna to retrieve the baskets of knowledge for mankind so that he could learn the ways of the heavens! Our stand is for the heavens, to protect that sacred purpose and knowledge. 

I believe this is a global movement for protecting Papahanaumotu (Earth Mother). So I worry we might be falling trap of the politicos who want the status quo to remain and that we may become distracted and loose our Unity. 

My wish to ask all of u out there who stood for the protection of the Mauna and Papahanaumotu to please just consider the deep Aloha u did feel and deep and collective purpose u felt--that conviction u were certain of and the Unity u felt in it. If u can still feel it--I just want to ask u to please stay in this Unity the one the Akua invited u to join--let us keep that feeling strong and let us join to continue our work for the Earth there are so many issues but only one Earth! So if we join together we are a true force to be reckoned with.

For I and we and all of you who stood for the Mauna out of Aloha and for no other reason - let us remain unified in our Aloha and commitment to raise the standard of Aloha for all life on Earth by standing for all sacred sites and Papa (Earth Mother)!!! Let us remind unified in Aloha!!!!

My deepest Aloha to u all!!!

Kealoha Pisciotta